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Monday, January 1, 2001

My Post

This blog is very interactive. You can post a blog archive too :)
Find the Post form in the right column in the blog page.

Write down your share or open up on what you need question about or something in your mind to me.
It will show up in my blog http://needask.blogspot.com/, lets me and other comment on it :)

Information :
- The category must be right.
- No spam, advertise, and unappropriated words.
- You only can input 2 messages every 7 that come in.
- We can delete your posting or message without notice before.
- (?) Fill in your "Mood Aura" and lets us more understand you.

Blue= Calm
Green= Flirty
Red= Excited
Orange= Nervous
Black= Hate
Purple= Sadness
Amber= Crabby

Gray= Worried
Violet= Moody
Brown= Concentration
Maroon= Bravery
Yellow= Happy
Pink= Romance
White= Hope