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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Motivation on making this blog

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I am sorry for my bad English, because I am usual with my mother tongue Indonesian. And my English basically from engineering textbook that full of present tense, so sorry primary at my grammar.
Several days ago I ask my friend to visit this blog, he said great programming but what are the themes for this blog? Hehe my answer is “Just for fun”.

But there is a motivation on making this blog. Come fist because I have a lot of spare time. Now I am still seeking for new job already more than 6 month jobless :) just why I don’t use my skill on programming.
Than I look at world condition, world 2008 economic recession is now showing its impact. So many people with so much problem and may be that make them so stressful.

I admit my self so stress feeling lately too :) so much personal and family problem, feel boring, need friends, and lot other more. So I want share its all. By building this interactive blog may be I can be somebody virtual buddy or someone else need a buddy like me. It’s not easy to find someone that will hear you and more hard when you have a hard time. That why I name this blog “Need Ask”. So I can be virtually hear and answering somebody else :)

Ok then I call this blog themes is “Good Life Guideline” well I need it too. So I will find it’s and share to you all.

This blog all full free service, no cost will charge and I am online virtually 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So I can be your cyber buddy, just ask or chat at My Answer (fortune teller), My Chat (chat buddy) or other feature in my blog. Thanks for visiting and take your time with me :)

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