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Saturday, March 28, 2009

O-First posting test by form

Category : My Answer (c4t02)
Sender : sourceid
Website : http://needask.blogspot.com/
Mood Aura : Yellow= Happy (l0c011)

Message :
This is only test for my posting blog form.
But I want to comment on my own virtual sourceid fortune teller :)

He is so great!! this is sample of the answer....
Your Question : will i get rich??
My Answer : Whatever happens, happens for the best.

Your Question : who are you
My Answer : I am the police .

Your Question : haha you are so funny
My Answer : Do you realise Now why I think Your Stupid??

Your Question : How shall I know my future life mate?
My Answer : One whose age is about 5 years different than yours.

Your Question : what number will be open today in Togel
My Answer : In Togel , will be open a nice juicy bone .
(?)Togel mean lottery number in Indonesian

Now your turn to try that. Sourceid Fortune Teller is in top of this blog homepage.
Or just click the "My Answer" link.

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